To restore the mind to simplicity and peace, to free it from confusion and distress. This sense of calm comes from the practice of asanas and pranayama. Yoga rejuvenates the body and frees the mind from the negative feelings caused by the fast pace of modern life. The practice of yoga fills you up with hope and optimism within you. It helps you to overcome all obstacles on the path to perfect health and spiritual contentment. It is a transformational journey.



In this yoga class I will teach you how to flow into the basic Yoga Poses and build your wonderful strength, flexibility and balance. Radiate energy with fun vinyasa flow that strengthen and open your body through a total body flow.

Your Yoga Foundation is a full body experience that will not only develop your athleticism, but also provide the mental benefits of a breath-based practice.


The science of yoga is like the art of music. There is a rhythm within the body, and that can only be maintained by paying attention to each step of the yoga pose, and to the progression between asanas. In your practice of yoga, there has to be a physical, physiological, psychological, and spiritual rhythm.

Unless there is harmony and melody, the music will not be worth listening to. The body is a truly sensitive and receptive instrument, and its vibrations, like sound express the harmony or dissonance within it. Each of these vibrations must synchronise in the movement, which is the asana.


Quiet the mind

and the soul will speak



Our breath is the bridge from our body to mind, the element which makes this one-ness possible. Proper breathing is the tool which can bring them both together, illuminating both and bringing both peace and calm. ⠀ 

If we know how to breathe we know how to build up endless vitality: breath builds up the lungs, strengthens the blood, and revitalises every organ in the body.

In those moments when you are distracted and find it difficult to practice mindfulness, return to your breath. Connection to our breath is mindfulness. Our breath is the wondrous method of taking hold of our consciousness.

With our minds we create our world. The more healthy, positive and kind our minds are, the more happiness we can experience. Meditation helps us to be a more attentive parents, find deeper sense of our relationship to the world and a deeper intimacy and confidence in ourselves.  

The more we can live in the present, as practised in meditation, the more fully we live our lives and the more joy we find. Meditation is a time to become familiar with more positive mind state and to experience for ourselves a taste of clarity, calmness and kindness. In meditation we rehearse a higher way of being which we gradually transfer to our day-to-day life.